Your grieving style quiz

Because every person grieves differently, the recovery process is also unique.

Take this 9 question quiz and we will email you the results, together with a free 3 video training showing you how to unlock a meaningful and fulfilling life in half of the time.

I am constantly thinking about the person I have lost and I can't do anything to stop it

I feel huge pain after my loss, but at the same time I feel I can bear it

I feel as though the pain I feel as a result of my loss will be inside me for ever.

In order to cope, I avoid thinking about my grief or the person I have lost

Despite the challenges, I am certain I will be able to get through this experience of loss

I believe I must remain in charge of my feelings of loss all the time

I shouldn't show my pain. I should appear composed and move forward

Since the loss, I feel as though my life doesn't make as much sense

I know there is an innate strength inside me that will carry me through this experience of loss