Find Joy after loss

Learn how to start enjoying life in half of the time

Bereavement changes your whole life forever.

Nobody really understands how lonely you feel, or the deafening silence in the house when you close your front door.

Friends mean well but they bombard you with unhelpful website or book suggestions that make you feel more overwhelmed.

When are you going to start feeling like yourself again?

How long is this torturous process going to last?

I have good news.

Our FREE video training will show you the 8 steps that will help you find joy in half of the time.

Can you imagine enjoying friends and family again, finding joy in projects or spending time doing the things that bring a spark to your life?


You are only 8 steps away

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Fulfilling relationships

On completion of our bereavement programmes, you will be able to reconnect with family and friends, creating fulfilling and thriving relationships.

Live a purposeful life

Once you have worked through the pain of loss, you will be left with energy and motivation to find purpose, enjoying the little things that make you happy.

Feel gratitude and joy

Most people find that they are able to form an enduring connection with the person they have lost, experiencing mostly gratitude and joy in their life.

Online training and live individual and group coaching

Containing our learning over 20 years working with the bereaved


Your relationship to the deceased was unique, and so is your grief. All our programmes are designed to help transform your unique circumstances into a life that works for YOU.


Full of practical ideas and tasks, each session is designed to help you understand clearly the steps and actions you need to take in order to move forward and create a rewarding life.


We offer professional support, as well as a thriving community of pleople in your same situation. You can feel lonely, but you don't have to do it all on your own.

Many people find the first year the hardest. There are many reminders that happen on a yearly basis, like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukkah, etc.


However, your bereavement is a result of your relatinship, the manner of death, your own personal history and other variables.


All our programmes address all these variables to help you find a solution that works for you.


To find out more about your unique grieaving style, take the quiz on the top or bottom of this page.

Bereavement is a learning process. Your brain and your heart are learning to orientate in a world where the person you have lost isn’t around anymore and your heart is left with all the love you feel for them, but without them to take the love out on.


This takes time!


However, when you understand your loving style, the orientation patterns of your brain and how to use social support the right way, you are left with an enduring feeling of connection for the person you have lost.


Most people report feeling connected to other people and grateful to the person they have lost, as though they are with them in everything they do.

It is natural to want to know what other people in your situation have done that works for them.


For this reason, our group coaching programmes are perfect to do that.


Not only do we deliver training that has proven to help hundreds of bereaved people find purpose and fulfillment in their life, but we deliver our training in a format that helps you learn from how others in your small group deal with their process, share tips and helpful experiences.

There is much information about bereavement out there that talks about stages as though they occur in a sequential manner, making you feel you are doing it wrong if you don’t follow the same pattern.


In addition, many local hospices and agencies offer free bereavement counselling, but the truth is it is often delivered by volunteer trainees who are clocking practice hours to qualify as counsellors.


We offer the learning we have aquired in 20 years of working with the bereaved, training GPs and healthcare professionals, funeral directors and thousands of hours of individual and grop practice with people at different stages of their bereavement.


We use all this knowledge to help you unlock the life you want to live.

your joyful life awaits

Learn the 8 steps that will help you transform your life into a joyful, purposeful one by watching the FREE video training